Thanks for spending some time with me. My name is Amanda & I take great pleasure in cooking simple, fresh food for family and friends.

Tasty food doesn’t need to be hard work. I’ve always been drawn to simple recipes (probably because I am as time poor as I am lazy)! The wow factor comes from the little tweaks that elevate a simple dish to that next level of yum. My mantra; “when in doubt, add lemon zest”.

I also like to test culinary conventions & distill fussy techniques down to the bare essentials without compromising results.

Born & raised in rural New South Wales (Australia) I now call New Zealand my home. I live in the vibrant small city of Dunedin, in the South Island. It’s a hidden gem with a cracker of aΒ farmers market and plenty of cafΓ©s & restaurants to explore. We are also lucky enough to boast an amazing array of natural riches in our back yard.

I live with my gorgeous husband, Paul & our three little treasures; Fergus, William & Polly.

I hope you enjoy devouring this site as much as I enjoy dishing it up!



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